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Lindsay - Oxenford - Wadsworth

29 May - 22 June 2019

A three person exhibition of contemporary landscapes by Alasdair Lindsay, Myles Oxenford and Paul Wadsworth.

“Occasionally you come across an artist with whose work you feel an instinctive, immediate sympathy. Looking on my first picture by Alasdair Lindsay was like hearing a perfectly tuned chord. I write with a nocturne of his above my desk, an arrangement of blues, greys and sea greens with a single tiny block of yellow humming from its heart. It gives me intense pleasure. There’s something at once stabilising and stimulating about the way Alasdair takes the deeply familiar elements of harbour, water, boat and house and abstracts them into blocks of translucent colour. Just as you can overlisten to some pieces of music, some paintings can go somehow flat to the eye with over-looking and need to be moved around the house to refresh them. I never find this the case with Alasdair’s.”

Patrick Gale.



“Myles Oxenford’s oil paintings are a perfect balance of figuration and abstraction. Using a carefully orchestrated soft palette, he experiments with minimalist colour and brushmarks in an aim to capture the atmosphere and experience of being in the landscape. To look at a Myles Oxenford painting, is to feel the peace, tranquility, light and beauty of the Cornish coastline and countryside”

Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge






“A Paul Wadsworth painting hangs in our living room – this is the work of someone who has immersed himself in these landscapes, succumbed to them, become intoxicated by them. They are overwhelmingly positive and life affirming. A painting of trees over water shimmers and shifts, the colours constantly rearranging themselves, reflections moving as if still fluid. I think that’s what I love most about Paul’s work – the sense that each painting is still growing, still evolving, still finding its own story. I could look at them for hours, days, years. I am sure you will feel the same.”

Mark Kermode

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