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Kristin Vestgard

7 - 31 July 2021

Kristin Vestgard – These Days

Kristin Vestgard was born in Norway in 1976 and studied Painting and Drawing at Nordfjord Folk High School 1995 – 96, then at Oslo Painting and drawing School 1996 – 97 and finished her studies at Falmouth College of Arts, obtaining a first class honours degree 1997 – 2000. She subsequently lived in Falmouth for a further 10 years before returning to live and work in Norway. She has exhibited extensively across the world in USA, across the UK and Scandinavia. Her work is in private collections worldwide.

“Painting is an intuitive process. I play with figures, altering their spaces, wiping off and keeping marks from previous layers, while creating new spaces over others until I obtain a certain atmosphere and the expression that I want… which is something I find while going along. A history is built into the canvas, and adds weight and poetry to the final image. To me my paintings hold many secrets… and I like it that way. It gives them space to breathe and live their own lives; just like people… they have a sea of secrets too”.

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