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Ken Spooner 'Symbiosis'

11 March - 1 April 2017

1[mass noun] Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

newspaper article on the artist Ken Spooner



Ken Spooner is a multi-media artist. He paints in oil and acrylic, he hand sculpts in clay, he welds steel, he carves wood. He sees the world through the relationship of materials, how they can be used, manipulated, melded and blended to create his unique and

visionary works of art. Everything is seen through eyes and hands that “wonder what I can turn this into?”
The resulting paintings, ceramics and sculpture bear the quality of being only one of their kind and yet also sit alongside each
other creating a “symbiosis” and bearing that unmistakable Ken Spooner singularity and inventiveness.
He is truly a remarkable artist and it is our fortune to have such brilliance amongst us.
Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge, Director, Cornwall Contemporary

Selected Commissions and Projects
Original paintings on several super yachts.
Ignition – hardback book accompanying solo exhibition at Cornwall Contemporary
Terence Disdale Design
Rose Barber Film Company
Decor Gallery
NEC Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
Wedgewood Memorial Garden, Staffordshire
3 years on projects with William Mitchell Design, High Wycombe
British Libraries Millennium Memory Bank
BBC Home Services as guest for Arts Design
Short film by BBC about work and working methods
work in private collections worldwide

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 – ‘Symbiosis’ Cornwall Contemporary, Penzance
2015 – ‘Art Will Drown your Eyes’ Cornwall Contemporary, Penzance
2014 – ‘Ignition’ Cornwall Contemporary, Penzance
2011 – Millennium, St. Ives
1992 – 99 – Gallery Five o ‘Clock, Switzerland
1980 – 85 – Gallery Country West, San Fransisco, USA

Read article on Ken Spooner here.

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