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Sue Lewington 'PZ' book launch

4 - 29 November 2015

Sue Lewington with her book 'PZ'

Sue Lewington with her book ‘PZ’

“I’ve known Penzance for many years and in that time, it has gone through many changes, but it remains a real working place full of real people. It’s history is all there in it’s architecture, harbour and parks. The gardens of the big houses can be traced under car parks and houses. Stable yards are behind the terraces. The maze of tiny streets leading to the harbour still map out vanished cottages.

Even on a dull day, the light in the harbour is wonderful – from glassy calm to huge waves leaving a tideline of seaweed along the prom.”

Sue Lewington, October 2015



Original paintings from the new book ‘PZ’ by Sue Lewington are being exhibited at Cornwall Contemporary to coincide with the book launch which takes place at the private view.

Signed copies of the 60 page, paperback book are available from the gallery, priced at £9.95 (£12.95 inc postage). 

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