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Philip Lyons & David Mankin

3 June - 1 July 2017

An exhibition featuring the beautifully pared back Cornish landscapes and still lives of Philip Lyons alongside the vibrant, abstract expressionist Cornish landscapes of David Mankin.

Philip Lyons – “I use subtle colour and strong pattern in my compositions – locking them together to make a firm structure. I pay attention to the surface of the paintings to create areas that have a sense of history (telling a story).  There are accents of strong colour to anchor the composition.

I look for modest, everyday events and views, such as looking out from a window, light passing over a field, a glimpse of the sea over a hedge and shadows of trees stretching across a field. I often use a grid structure to start a painting, sometimes remaining visible, sometimes hidden in the background and I return to places I know well, to look for natural frameworks and grids, such as windows, doorways, shadows and shapes of objects in rooms.”

David Mankin – “Through my painting I aim to express something of the sensory experience of being in the landscape. Living and working in the far west of Cornwall is uniquely inspirational. Daily walks on the coast path near my studio provide a visual stimulation that can’t help but find its way onto the canvas.

Textures, colours, shapes, sounds, movements and spaces collide to create a wealth of visual and spatial relationships in constant flux. This is my source. The work is both an emotional response to the natural environment and an attempt to communicate a sense of the freedom, the vastness, the rhythm and the ebb and flow of nature, which is characteristic to this part of Cornwall.

I work in an intuitive and gestural way, burying and unearthing marks and textures through an energetic process of destruction and excavation, which mirrors the acts of nature on the landscape. Through the process I explore surface, shape, colour, texture, composition and mark making in order to articulate and form images which express my experiences in the Cornish landscape”

Congratulations to David Mankin – he has been selected by prestigious international Art Maze Mag to appear in their current edition. Not only does he have two full pages showing his paintings, they also have his work on the back cover – all paintings that appear in our current exhibition. The magazine is available internationally and will be at Art Basel, Switzerland.

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