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Neil Pinkett

31 March - 1 May 2021

“The places in which I have lived and worked have always been dominated by the proximity of water.

I was born in West Penwith with the sea on three sides of the land mass, in the last few years I have lived for part of the time on the river Avon near Bath.
The water’s surface is a vehicle for meditation and contemplation, the sea in particular changes mood and character constantly, at times a mirror to the sky, at others a maelstrom of surging energy and always captivating.” 

Neil Pinkett, March 2021



Neil Pinkett – Water

Neil Pinkett was born in St. Just, Cornwall in 1958. His early artistic career saw him work as a successful illustrator before he moved into the fine art arena with a hugely successful debut solo exhibition in 1996. Since that date Neil has become one of the foremost landscape painters in Britain. His work has been exhibited at a large number of galleries throughout the UK and Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, London and a collection of his paintings has also toured in venues across America.

In this new collection of oil paintings, Neil has turned his focus to the element that has always been at the forefront of his artistic career – water. Growing up in the far south west of Cornwall and being surrounded by the sea, water and the interplay of light upon it, has been the focus of his paintings throughout his life. In recent years Neil has split his time between Cornwall – working from cliff edges and using a fishing hut as a studio on the cliffs at Cape Cornwall – to his boat moored in Bath, where the gentle flow of canal water has offered an alternative perspective to the forceful, ever changing sea tides which have often been captured in his paintings.

This last year has seen Neil study water in all it’s guises; from surging Cornish tides, streams wending their way through valleys and woods, reflective canals and rivers, rockpools and bustling harbours. These paintings illustrate Neil’s masterly handling of his subject matter – he has become a virtuoso at capturing mood and intensity. Those remarkable fleeting moments that he has so carefully observed and beautifully captured, transport us to the times we have all stood on beaches, cliff edges and river banks and been captivated by the beauty of light hitting water.

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