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Mankin | Goemans

5th September - 3rd October 2020

David Mankin – Thresholds  |  5th September – 3rd October 2020

“An elemental realism comes across in David Mankin’s work. Although the visual perspective constantly shifts within his canvas from the sea shore to a horizon line; the pattern of lichen on a rock to an aerial view of the coastline, the paintings capture an experiential truth. His abstract techniques allow this to come through, precisely because the dramatic and rebellious Cornish landscape refuses to be confined in representational work. This feeling and essence of the landscape is in every brushmark hitting the canvas, and combined with the undeniable beauty of the work, is perhaps why so many people have related to and fallen in love with his paintings.
Mankin physically attacks the canvas with a certain degree of attitude, scratching into it, splattering large arcs of paint made with
enormous sweeps of the arm. Sometimes the artist will draw his compositional outline onto the canvas in charcoal, but he will always eradicate it, making a point of constantly changing direction: the wind forcing the cliff-edge-tamarisk one way, then another. In this sense, his way of painting is deeply expressive, it consistently follows the feelings he has about the landscape, the change and flux of it, its unpredictability, the way the weather physically changes it, its inability to be contained: this is what excites Mankin. Thus in his unprescribed painting process we can see he almost inhabits the fluctuating personality of the Cornish landscape.
The artist himself is an elemental force, filling up every available space within his work like water, refusing to crawl back from any boundary but hitting it with his full force until it breaks apart, picking up the pieces and rearranging them on a canvas so we can
step inside his world and feel the wind take our breath away.”
Kate Reeve-Edwards, Arts Writer
Excerpt from ‘Widening the Horizon’ essay,

Melanie Goemans – Long I Stood  |  5th September – 3rd October 2020

“Each painting in this collection began with a walk: an object found, a photograph taken, a thought that occurred.
I am drawn to the incidental things we might rush past and not notice – the unstudied natural world in between everything else. My paintings draw attention to these overlooked forms, using traditional materials to mark their significance.
I am intrigued by complicated patterns of line. Drawing loose lines with a fine brush feels almost like stitching or weaving.
This work is from the heart, the things I see that I love… and for the titles, often quotations from poems that share the same idea or feeling, by Frost, Hardy, Oliver.”

Melanie Goemans grew up in the Lincolnshire fens, spending time in Italy before
studying Florentine Renaissance Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art (BA and MA)
followed by Fine Art, Painting at Cheltenham School of Art (MA). After a series of
residencies and teaching posts, she relocated from London to Cambridgeshire and now works from her studio in central Ely. Over her career, Melanie has exhibited in group and solo shows across the UK including the Florence Trust, London; Jerwood Space, London; Bridgeman Gallery, London and Cornwall Contemporary, Penzance.
Her work is held in corporate and private collections in the UK and overseas and has been selected for the National Open Art Competition, the ING Discerning Eye
Exhibition and Stage 2 of the John Moores Painting Prize (2020).



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