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Kristin Vestgard

“It’s an intuitive process. In chaos, I play with figures, altering their spaces, wiping off and keeping marks from previous layers. While creating new spaces over others until I obtain a certain atmosphere and the expression that I want…which is something I find while going along…a history is built into the canvas, and adds weight and poetry to the final image… I paint out of my inner world with all the sights, emotions, thoughts, people, things, atmospheres and the history that runs through me. It all shapes what happens on the canvas…almost like a diary with no words, based in a reality seen through my eyes. It has dreams, fantasies and sort of inner adventures tangled in between the pure reality, playing between the restless and standing still, always in a flux…a playfulness running in and out of the layers of oil paint, with a deep sincere essence holding it together. To me my paintings hold many secrets…and I like it that way. It gives them space to breathe and live their own lives; just like people…they have a sea of secrets too…”


Kristin Vestgard was born in 1976

Falmouth College of Arts, First class BA Honour degree; 1997 – 2000

Oslo Painting and Drawing school; 1996 – 1997

Nordfjord Folk High School – Painting and Drawing; 1995 – 1996


Solo Exhibitions:

Cornwall Contemporary, July 2018

Cornwall Contemporary, December 2017

Cornwall Contemporary, October 2016

Northcote Gallery, London, March 2015

Badcocks Gallery at Anthony Hepworth Gallery, August 2014

Det Gule Galleri, Stavern, Norway 2014

Gallery Son, Son, Norway 2013

Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire, UK, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2008-2006

Gulden Kunstverk, Norway, 2008, 2011

Kihle Galleri, Horten, Norway, 2013

Galleri Smalgangen,  Åsgårstrand, Norway, 2012

Bo Lee Gallery, Bath, UK; 2012

Badcocks Gallery, Cornwall, UK; 2012-2000

Kihle Galleriet, Horten, Norway, 2002


Group exhibitions:

Consenses, Marthas Vinyard, USA 2015

Hampstead Affordable Art Fair, London, June, 2015

Lapada Arts and Antiques Fair, London , UK, 2014

Northcote Gallery, London, 2014

Galleri Ask, Åsgårdstrand, Norway, 2013

Hilleborg Kunstforening,, Denmark, 2013

AAF, Badcocks Gallery, 2013

Josie Eastwood, Hampshire, UK, 2012, 2013

Bo Lee Gallery, UK, August; 2011

Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway, Januar; 2009

Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway; 2009

Gulden Kunstverk, Norway, March; 2012

Badcocks Gallery, UK, December; 2011-2000

Galleri Ask, Norway, December; 2007, 2009, 2010

Cadogan Contemporary, London, UK; 2005

Vitrious Contemporaray, Truro, UK; 2004

City and Thompsons Gallery, London, UK; 2004

Ted Litchfield Gallery, Cork Street, London, UK; 2002

Ted Litchfield Gallery, Voltaire Chapel, London; 2001

Ted Litchfield Gallery, London: 2000

Degree show, Falmouth College of Arts; 2000

Chelsea Art Fair, UK, 2001

Battersea Art Fair, UK, 2000-2012



Falmouth College of Arts and numerous private collections all over the world.



Norske billed kunstnere

Vestfold bildende kunstnere


Projects: Consenses, New York.


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Cornwall Contemporary
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Queens Square
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Telephone: 01736 874749

opening times:
Monday - Saturday  10 - 5

Gallery Director:
Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

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