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Oliver Teagle

  • Concealed 3

    acrylic & resin on board
    49 x 45cm £550

  • Concealed 4

    acrylic & resin on board
    43 x 41cm £550

  • SoldFraction 3

    acrylic & resin on board
    49 x 43cm

  • Fraction 4

    acrylic & resin on board
    101 x 89cm £1800

  • SoldGarden 2

    acrylic & resin on board
    99 x 91cm

  • SoldPrism

    acrylic & resin
    110 x 97cm

  • Void

    acrylic & resin on board
    100 x 96cm £1800

  • Zoo

    acrylic & resin on board
    82 x 75cm £1400

Oliver Teagle’s practice examines the physical process of painting, focusing on the application and materiality of the artwork. He paints between layers of thick glossy resin to create an enclosed three-dimensional surface. These layers of imagery are intertwined with notes, shapes, and scribbles, then repainted and deconstructed until they form a balanced and cohesive artwork. The juxtaposition of order and chaos within the work creates a visual tension between what is revealed and what is left concealed.

Oliver’s achievements include winning the Wessex Artist award at the RWA, and the Evolver Arts Prize at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery. He graduated with a BA Fine Art degree from the University of Plymouth in 2004 and has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the country ever since, including the RWA in Bristol and at the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.

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Cornwall Contemporary
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Queens Square
TR18 4BU

Telephone: 01736 874749

opening times:
Monday - Saturday  10 - 5

Gallery Director:
Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

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