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Felicity Keefe

“My work is inspired by states of flux, the change from day into night, summer into winter, outward into inward. The River paintings have both an environmental and a metaphorical meaning for me and operate on both levels. They physically depict the essence of the River as it is effected by the changes in seasons and time, but they also describe an inner state of movement, flow and division. The work is soft and dreamy, painted in thin layers, almost faded in quality of surface. I aim to capture the shadows and light that race across the surface; the moment at dusk or dawn when there is a gentle stillness and the sky is reflected in the water: the veils of mist and distant flames that come and go with the passing of time.”

Felicity Keefe has exhibited in galleries throughout the UK and overseas in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and Singapore, and at all of London’s major Art Fairs. Her contemporary landscape pieces are inspired by her experience of the British landscape as it changes and reacts to seasons, weather and time. She is also inspired by a blending of traditional landscape, literature and personal mythology which form an inner narrative within each series. Her work is distinctive for it’s sense of atmosphere, often brooding, but also starkly beautiful. 

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Cornwall Contemporary
1 Parade Street
Queens Square
TR18 4BU

Telephone: 01736 874749

opening times:
Monday - Saturday  10 - 5

Gallery Director:
Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

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