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Sarah Gamble

A photograph pf the artist Sarah Gamble in her studioSometimes I work sequentially with specific collections influencing different series, and whilst some pieces refer to memory – family, work and play connotations, others utilise formal visual language with compositions exploring letter and shape as pure form.

Sarah Gamble is an artist based in East Sussex. She graduated in Graphic Design from Wolverhampton Art College in 1982; after which she taught for 30 years, building a successful College Art department. She is now focusing on her own work with collage as her chosen media and has an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration from Brighton University (2001)

Sarah’s collages and assemblages use printed ephemera, magazines and discarded objects.  She collects old packaging and pre-loved toys and games. She is drawn to the worn and torn, the imperfections and irregularities that are an integral part of the history and presence of the forms she employs. As a departure from her design roots she often readdresses notions of form and function to develop abstract compositions.

Some of her pieces depict past technology; typewriters, radios, cameras, record players and old computers. Aiming to produce the essence of the machine and using her vast collection of source materials she constructs her own interpretations. Juxtaposition and contrast play a major part in her pieces, she constantly re-works and distorts, experimenting with colour, surface, fragments and left overs.

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Cornwall Contemporary
1 Parade Street
Queens Square
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Telephone: 01736 874749

opening times:
Monday - Saturday  10 - 5

Gallery Director:
Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

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