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Silver necklace

Silver necklace

Nancy PickardNancy Pickard: “People are always asking me why I use so many different materials, why I work in both abstract and figurative ways, why I make jewellery as well as ceramics and paintings.

Why not?

As I see it, there are no rules: the only ‘right’ way to be an artist is your own way. There are thousands of ‘right’ ways to make a piece – there are great figurative works, great landscapes and great abstract pieces. Why not have a go at anything?

And you can move on: I’m constantly crazy in love with whatever I am currently doing – but when it’s done, it’s done. What’s exciting is to try something new and see if you can make it work.

Nancy Pickard
Silver necklace

Nancy is a painter, jewellery maker, sculptor, and ceramicist. Her silver and enamel necklaces are priced from £85

From £125

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Cornwall Contemporary
1 Parade Street
Queens Square
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Telephone: 01736 874749

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monday - Saturday  10 - 5

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Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

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