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Kristin Vestgard ‘Find You’ 2 page feature review in Western Morning News | 11 August 2018

Maggie Matthews – 4 page feature in Cornwall Today Magazine | 11 July 2018

David Mankin & Philip Lyons exhibition | 4 August 2017

Throughout June 2017, we had an exhibition featuring the beautifully pared back Cornish landscapes and still lives of Philip Lyons alongside the vibrant, abstract expressionist Cornish landscapes of David Mankin.

The exhibition was a huge success with 18 sales. Prior to the exhibition even opening, 4 of David Mankin’s paintings were purchased by an interior design company to furnish an office space in Paris.

David Mankin’s painting ‘Daffodil Sky’ in situ in an office space in Paris.

Whilst the exhibition was on, David Mankin was also selected by prestigious international Art Maze Mag to appear in their current edition. Not only does he have two full pages showing his paintings, they also have his work on the back cover – all paintings that appeared in our exhibition. The magazine is available internationally and will be at Art Basel, Switzerland.

David Mankin with his paintings featured in prestigious Art Maze Magazine



The response to the exhibition was overwhelming and we had numerous visitors coming back for 2nd, 3rd, 4th looks at the paintings on display. We’re thrilled for both artists and both David Mankin and Philip Lyons are featured in our current Summer Collection exhibition, at the gallery throughout August 2017.

“Wave after Wave” exhibition review of Neil Pinkett’s exhibition in the Western Morning News | 25 May 2017


“My Beautiful Mermaid” | 17 April 2017

“I love my Melissa Kiernan Mermaid sculpture and cannot believe you still have some of her works available. They’re all so delicate and spiritual and deep and symbolic and beautiful! Thank you for introducing me!!”

We love to see where some of our pieces have ended up and this beautiful sculpture by Melissa Kiernan looks superbly at home here. We have a few of Melissa’s works available in the gallery and we’re excited to say that she is currently working on a new collection of sculptures for us that should be in the gallery soon.

Cornwall Life Magazine – Leading Ladies | 17 February 2017


Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge Cornwall Life Magazine


Kristin Vestgard ‘The Red String’ exhibition | 9 November 2016

We were delighted recently to stage an exhibition of paintings by Norwegian artist Kristin Vestgard.

Kristin Vestgard at her exhibition at Cornwall Contemporary art gallery in Penzance, Cornwall

It was a truly wonderful collection of portrait and still life paintings by the Falmouth College of Art graduate. Her oil paintings convey fragility and beauty, strength and delicacy, tenderness and emotion and a serenity that feels meditative and ethereal.

“I want my figures to be in a flux like moment. I keep painting until they have the right atmosphere, and it must be a gentle balance of both being here and not here – fleeting but with a nerve. To have a playfulness running in and out of the layers of oil paint, with a deep sincere essence holding it together.”

Kristin Vestgard exhibition at Cornwall Contemporary galleryPainting of a lady gardener holding pot plants by Kristin Vestgard Kristin Vestgard painting "No Words" at Cornwall Contemporary beautiful portrait painting by Kristin Vestgard of a young woman wearing a yellow dress with a colourful necklace















Kristin lived in Falmouth, Cornwall for ten years after graduating from art college and made many friends and established herself in the Cornish art scene as a highly collectable artist. Kristin flew over especially for the private view from Norway and we were thrilled to have her at the gallery where people were overjoyed to see her work back in Cornwall again. Throughout the duration of the show, we had a very high number of visitors, including two fans of her work who made the 800 mile round trip from West Yorkshire to Penzance, especially to see the exhibition:

“A privilege to see Kristin’s work in the flesh again after more than 10 years. A moving experience, I love these paintings so much. This is what art is about. 

Thank you Cornwall Contemporary for getting Kristin’s work over to the UK again. Totally worth our journey from West Yorkshire especially for this show. Blown away. Huge thanks from the bottom of my heart” Caroline and Julian 

The show was an enormous success and we had many sales and press reviews – 

a review in My Cornwall magazine of Kristin Vestgard's exhibition at Cornwall Contemporarykristin-review-page-2kristin-vestgard-newspaper-review-of-her-show-at-cornwall-contemporary-gallery-in-penzance“Their mix of fragility and strength, bound by that very same red string perhaps, lends her paintings a quality that defies description but is very special…”

You can see the paintings that featured in the exhibition here and we’re delighted to announce that there will be a second solo exhibition by Kristin at Cornwall Contemporary in 2017.


Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

Director, Cornwall Contemporary

10th Anniversary Press | 20 September 2016


We received a great deal of press throughout our 10th Anniversary Exhibition, here is one press cutting written by arts writer for Cornwall, Frank Ruhrmund –

“It was on September 1, 2006 that Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge took possession of what was then a neglected but listed building in the heart of Penzance, and began the long haul of converting it, as she says ‘Into an attractive venue for showcasing and highlighting the quality and quantity of art in this part of the world.’

“Since then she has not only mounted 136 exhibitions, but has also been part of a number of art fairs and pop up shows at various venues in the UK, working with hundreds of different artists – ‘It has been, and still is, a joy to work with so many talented, creative people. The paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics and jewellery that have come in and out of the gallery throughout the years, bear testament to West Cornwall’s thriving art scene, plus I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know all the people who have come through the door.’

“A graduate twenty years ago from falmouth College of Arts, and author in 2001 of the acclaimed and authoritative Behind the Canvas – 40 artists, living and working in Penwith, Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge is passionate about the artists and artworks she exhibits and aims to provide an excellent service for them and for her customers alike. She has a deep understanding of the placing of art in residential and business locations, and is only too happy to advise first time buyers as well as anyone who wishes to add to his or her collection.

“Set on three floors, Cornwall Contemporary is surprisingly spacious: its monthly changing exhibitions are mounted on the ground floor, while the upper floors share ever changing displays of art works by the gallery’s regular contributors plus the occasional pop-up show and capsule exhibition….  The Anniversary Exhibition emphasises all she has said about her aims for the gallery, its reasons for being there, and should not be missed.”


Gallery of the Month | 20 September 2016

Cornwall Contemporary Gallery of the Month

We recently enjoyed a lot of press relating to our tenth anniversary at the gallery and My Cornwall Magazine made us their Gallery of the Month:

“In the heart of Penzance, at the gateway of its charismatic Chapel Street, Cornwall Contemporary gallery has proudly stood as a pillar of the art community. Now as it reaches its tenth year, myCornwall speaks to its director, Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge, about the impressive and influential run this notable gallery has had on Cornwall.

“From the outside, Cornwall Contemporary’s size does it little justice, set across three floors, this spacious gallery housed inside listed premises, hosts a variety of evenly and beautifully spread artwork – every piece is different but all posses the Cornwall Contemporary feel.

“The ground floor is primarily for changing exhibitions, whilst the gallery artists along with special capsule installations use the upper two floors. Opened in 2006 by artist and art distributor Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge, Cornwall Contemporary has had a place in Penzance for the last decade, an achievement few galleries have rarely accomplished.

“Many of Sarah’s artists are firm friends formed over a decade of hard work to get Cornwall Contemporary where it is today…. When it comes to selecting new artists to work with, Sarah is meticulous about her selection – “There are no rules to follow, it’s just if I really like it” explains Sarah, “I never think ‘my customers are going to like this’ or ‘I’m definitely going to sell this’ it is about ‘would I have this on my wall? Does this say something to me personally? You have to be very clear about what you like and for me it’s never been about the financial side, coming from an artistic background myself, I don’t approach anything with a business head, and I think that’s why Cornwall Contemporary has done so well.’

“It’s safe to say that Cornwall Contemporary has become a notable part of the face of Penzance and Cornwall’s art scene, having a strong influence, not just due to its impressive history, but also in the deliberation and consideration of its exhibiting and collaborating artists.”

MyCornwall Magazine, August/ September 2016

Our 10th Anniversary! | 29 August 2016

We have officially been open for 10 years here at Cornwall Contemporary and we have been busy celebrating!

private view at Cornwall Contemporary

Cornwall Contemporary opened on 1st September 2006. Taking on a run down listed building in the heart of Penzance, it was my intention to turn it into a venue to showcase and highlight the quality of art in Cornwall. Over the last ten years we have staged 136 exhibitions in the gallery plus numerous art fairs and pop ups in London and around the UK, working with hundreds of artists.

private view

Our grand opening of Cornwall Contemporary on 1st September 2006.

The paintings, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and jewellery that we have shown over the years are all a testament to the thriving art scene of Cornwall and beyond. It’s been a joy to run Cornwall Contemporary and establish a name for the gallery. I like to hope that I’ve staged an eclectic mix of vibrant and interesting shows over the years with artists exhibiting from as far and wide as the USA and Norway. I am still full of ideas for future exhibitions and there are many artists that I now consider to be close friends, which has been the best part of the job. me-and-ken  

Cornwall Contemporary art gallery was featured in the Saturday Guardian newspaper in the Get Togethers section featuring a dinner party at Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge's house. The guests included artists Neil pinkett, Daphne McClure, Emma McClure, Janet Lynch and Maggie Matthews. The photographer was Guardian photographer Jim Wileman.Maggie Fiona Sarah Emma fpr printSarah Brittain-Mansbridge and Neil Pinkett with Alasdair Lindsay at the opening of Cornwall Contemporary's exhibition in Shoreditch in 2012for webele and al














Our opening night of the 10th Anniversary show had a party atmosphere with plenty of bubbles and we even had a resident gallery mermaid in tow! 

Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge at Cornwall Contemporary

Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge and her mermaid friend celebrating 10 years at Cornwall Contemporary!The exhibition has so far been an enormous success with numerous sales of paintings and sculpture already in the first couple of weeks.





Work in the exhibition can be seen here and the show runs until 10th September – don’t miss the chance to come along and see the very best in painting and sculpture in Cornwall.

And I’d also like to take this opportunity to again thank all of the artists who have exhibited at Cornwall Contemporary over the last 10 years – here’s to the next!


Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

Director, Cornwall Contemporary


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