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Sam Lock

The Artist Sam Lock“I am delighted to exhibit with Cornwall Contemporary – the body of paintings I am exhibiting feature a new awareness of structure and edge, solid air and textured space. 

Each painting is an exploration, a journey between and through layers, a build-up of moments in time and intuitions followed.  The alchemy of the painting process transforms time spent into a physical and tangible history that can be read as colour, texture, shape, structure; a visual poetry.

The paintings explore spatial physics; displacement, gravity, weight, time, relativity of one element with another, their interaction and harmony or conflict.  These are the same experiences that unite all things; painting or engaging with them tries to make us sensitive to the same forces that are pushing and pulling us about as our minds wander.  We can’t escape our mortal coil but our minds can transcend, take us on imaginary journeys. 

These works are individual characters, each painting a unique collection of elements that combine to suggest some kind of ‘story without words’ through the tone of their imagery, colours and movement.  They are incomplete, like memories half recalled. Stories with no fixed ending. Open-ended.  They are an invitation to become lost and tangled in their surface, to find something new each time you look and hold the gaze, to make a connection with the senses. Paintings you feel.  They whisper suggestions, hints, intrigues … each piece a mystery to be solved, a contradiction that is at once solid and substantial yet elusive and fleeting.”

Sam Lock trained at Edinburgh University and Art College, graduating with an MA Fine Art Painting and MA History of Art in 1997.  After teaching for 15 years he now works full time as a painter in Hove with his first major London solo show taking place in 2015. He has also had work selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, ‘Drawn’ at the RWA Bristol and the Discerning Eye show at the Mall Galleries.

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Cornwall Contemporary
1 Parade Street
Queens Square
TR18 4BU

Telephone: 01736 874749

Opening times:
Monday -  Saturday 10 - 5

Gallery Director:
Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge

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