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Antonio Lopez Reche

  • SoldAniol

    bronze edition of 6
    25 x 25 x 10cm £1500

  • Centaur

    edition of 12 £4250

  • Daphne

    bronze edition of 6
    75 x 25 x 40cm £6750

  • Here I Am

    edition of 12 £4850

  • Kitsune

    bronze edition of 12
    75 x 20 x 20cm £4750

  • Mr Hare

    bronze, edition of 12
    39cm tall £1850

  • SoldOi!

    edition of 25 £1600

  • Ride

    edition of 12 £3995

  • Riding Hare

    bronze edition of 12
    40 x 25 x 12cm £2750

  • Riding Kitsune

    bronze edition of 12
    35 x 20 x 20cm £2750

  • Trotting Horse II

    bronze edition of 12
    25 x 20 x 8cm £1500

Antonio Lopez RecheAntonio Lopez Reche: My work is a diverse approach to the language of sculpture. For the past twenty years, I have been experimenting with figurative and non figurative work.

My figurative work has been inspired by Western tradition, often relating to Mediterranean mythology and folk tales, in which my interest in expressive tool marks and spontaneous modeling with materials such as clay, wax or plaster, translates into bronze, in an attempt to capture the immediacy and rawness of the material.

I also have a deep interest in a more conceptual line of work in which, still using mostly bronze casting, the repeated reproduction of an object, sometimes created by me, sometimes snatched from our immediate daily life, creates a new form. Although these pieces start with the fascination with the chosen object, soon the repetition and organization of these elements creates a new dimension far from the original object.

Born in 1966 In Barcelona, Antonio Lopez Reche was educated at the University of Barcelona and served as a post graduate teaching assistant there. In 1994 he received the Erasmus Grant from the European Commission to study at Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London.

He has been working in the UK since 1995, and has produced numerous commissions for private and public spaces. His sculpture has been exhibitied in Barcelona, London, Vienna, Cambridge and Cornwall. He has had a number of public commissions.

Drawing inspiration from Greek Mythology and Folk Tales, his work describes such universal themes as internal conflict, strength, and man’s search for knowledge.

He has exhibited in Barcelona, London, Vienna, Cambridge, and Newlyn, UK, and Greenport, NY. He has had a number of public commissions including Canary Wharf and is in a number of private collections in Spain, England and the United States.

Selected Galleries and Commissions

  • Cambridge Contemporary Art
  • 2006 Public Commission by Tower Hamlets Art Department “Woman and Fish” bronze
  • 2007 British Society of Portrait Sculptors. Cork Street, London
  • 2009 Public Commission by Mallorcan Government “Jaume III” bronze

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